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Burst Pipes

Unusually high water bill?

Can you hear a hissing sound under the house or in the walls?

Is there a damp or extra moist area in front or backyard that is usually dry?

These are all common signs of a Burst Water Pipe.

Burst Pipes Main

Try our customer leak test that only takes 5 mintues

At Kolch Plumbing we have the equipment and materials on hand to repair any water leak as well as the experience and knowhow to make it a quick and easy process. We will even provide you with a plumbing report on our invoice so you can forward it to your water provider to receive a discount on your latest bill.

Water is our planet’s most precious resource. Our Vision is to minimize water wastage through crumbling infrastructure which occurs through broken pipes and malfunctioning appliances.

Case Study

Below we have two pictures of a shower breach which had been leaking. The breach is the piece of pipework in-between the Hot and Cold Spindles which allows the water mix. The Top photos shows the old breach which had a leak on the nut that joins the breach and the pipework going to the shower rose.

Burst Pipes 01

To Find the leak we pressure tested this pipework and noticed a significant drop after 5 minutes. We had to be 100 Percent sure that the leak was coming from the breach as we would have to open up the tiled wall.

With this in mind we cut a hole in the tiles being careful to only open up the minimum amount of tiles as we understand many of our customers are on a budget.

The second picture shows the completed job and the burst pipe fixed, and in other words another happy customer.

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