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Drainage is one of the most important aspects of plumbing. When it comes to sewer, storm water or sub soil drainage solutions Kolch Plumbing are your expert drainers.

Only Watermarked pipework is ever installed on our jobs to ensure your new work is to the highest Australian standard

Drainage Main

We can design and fix any drainage problem from blockages to ground water solutions with the ability to operate heavy machinery when its required as well as the work ethic to get the shovel out when required.

In most cases we will only need to repair a small section of pipe . However if your drainage system requires complete or partial renewal we will get the job done with our upfront, no risk pricing option. We quote by the job not by the hour.

Drainage Case Study

Scope of Works

Kolch Plumbing was contracted to install all plumbing at a multi unit site in richmond.

We began with drainage which is usually the first thing to be installed.

Drainage 01

With this development all stormwater was collected and dispersed into two tanks, one the pump out tank the other a storage tank.

The Pump out tank collects the overflow from the storage tank as well as the dirtier stormwater points such as the balcony floor wastes and sub soil drainage pipes.

The Storage tank collects cleaner water from the roof and is used in non drinking applications such as the toilets.

The pump out tank moves water from the basement to the kerb. By the means of a discharge pit on the boundary.

The Storage tank contains a smaller pump and services only the toilets and some rainwater taps.

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