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Gas Fitting

Gas Leaks

Gas is one of the most volatile substances known and thus must be treated with unwavering respect! If you come across or think you have a Gas Leak follow these steps.

Gas Fiting Main

1. Turn off main isolation valve located at meter.

2. Advise everyone on property of leak.

3. Do not turn on any electrical appliances or vehicles. This includes any source of ignition such as lighting a cigarette.

4. If you can try and remove yourself from the leak and create an exclusion zone for people to avoid.

5. Call Kolch Plumbing

Gas Fitting

Kolch Plumbing only employs licensed and registered Plumbers, So you can trust us when it comes to all your gas needs. We can install any appliance but also specialise in fitting line upgrades.

As technology gets better appliances are needing to use more gas, so pipeline upgrades are getting more common we will liase with the customer and determine what is best for them in terms of cost, future usage and install of new appliances.

Gas Fiting 01
Hot Water

Gas hot water is the way of the future as it is cheap to run, better for the environment and offers a reliable and effective service. From small domestic storage heaters to commercial hot water ring mains we do it all. If your looking to changeover from an expensive to run electrical unit that runs out water when you need it most, to a economical continuous flow unit we can provide you with every option available and advise you on what is best for you.

Commercial Works

Thinking about investing in a new restaurant or cafe’? Kolch Plumbing are experienced in commercial kitchen fit outs. We can advise you on any potential appliance you would consider in terms of pipeline size, meter size and MJ/H requirements.

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