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Gas Leaks

When it comes to gas Kolch Plumbing offer a premium service with our technicians being regularly updated on forever changing regulations.

Kolch Plumbing can find and locate any gas leak in a fast and efficient manner

We can install any gas appliance whether LPG or Natural Gas powers it.

Gas Leak Main
This includes:

1. Domestic or Commercial  hot water services.

2. Ovens

3. Cooktops

4. BBQ’s (including LPG to Natural Gas conversion)

5. Commercial Clothes Dryers

6. Heaters

7. Wood Fire Heaters

Process for finding Gas Leaks

  • Locate meter, usually at the front of the property. (side of the house for domestic properties)
  • Turn off Main Valve.
  • Disconnect pipework.
  • Connect Manometer (Gauges pressure in a gas line using a water gauge)
  • Pump up gas line to 7kpa leave for 5 minutes depending on how big the gas line is.
  • If there is a leak the water gauge will drop if there is no leak the gauge will hold at 7kpa.
  • If there is a leak the plumber must go around to all joins on pipework and inspect with soapy water.
  • Soapy water will bubble if there is leak.

Common causes of gas leaks

  • Old pipework, many houses still have their original galvanised steel pipe. This pipe will become frail and break apart if it comes to contact with any corroding materials.
  • Loose joints on pipework, this can caused by the original installation of joint or by movement of the house forcing strain on the joint.
  • Old Appliances leaking, This can sometimes be the most serious type of gas leak as it can leak directly into your house causing an ignition source.
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