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Tap Repairs

Leaking tapware is an every day occurrence for us, we can advise you on the best possible solution for your dripping taps.

If left for too long dripping taps can cost you triple the cost of fixing them immediately.

Our plumbers carry an extensive tap service kit in their vehicles. They will also always have a range of mixer taps to suit any budget for changeovers or conversion from a typical tap set to new mixer.

Tap Repairs

When we change a washer we will always do a complete tap service for no extra charge.

If not repaired fast and efficiently, water leaks can cause extensive damage to your home or business.

Do you have fungus or mould around plumbing piping?

This sign could indicate a leak and can cause more damage if left unfixed. Our plumbers come and inspect your pipework and advise you on the best option to stop this problem occurring again.

Have your water bills increased?

Try our test, it only needs to be conducted for five minutes – if there are any leaks at the property they may show up within this time frame.

When conducting the test, it is important that no water is being used at the property and you should also check the following before conducting the test.

  • You haven’t flushed the toilet within the last 10 minutes.
  • That you don’t have the dishwasher or washing machine currently running.
  • You don’t have a evaporative cooling system turned on.
  • That no irrigation or sprinkler system is on in your backyard.
  • That your water meter is turned on.

Tap Repairs Step 01
Step 1

Write down the current reading on your meter. It is important that you record the reading on each dial.

You will also need to check that the badge number on the meter matches the meter number on the back of the bill. This will check that you are conducting the test on the correct meter for your property and not your neighbours

Step 2

Wait five minutes, and then write down the meter numbers again. You should also watch the dials on your meter at this part of the process to see if they are moving.

  • If the numbers are slightly different and the dials moved slightly, this can either be a small leak or could be a result of dripping taps or a faulty appliance. In this situation we encourage you to check your water appliances.
  • If the numbers are significantly different and the dials are moving rapidly, this could indicate a significant leak. In this situation we encourage you to contact a licensed and insured plumber.
  • If the numbers are the same and the dials have not moved at all, this means there is unlikely to be a leak at the property.
  • This test is used as a guide for reassurance of no leaks only a licensed plumber can 100% guarantee there is no leak with a pressurized test of the water pipework.
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